Live to see another day…

We wake up every morning to realize that we’ve made it! Another day in the books. A new adventure awaits walking into our jobs, only to come out stressed. After time, it builds up and we seem to find our work less exciting. That utter sigh of a lack in happiness for what’s coming next. We become sad because we have to go back and we don’t want to.

On our days off, we mesmerize the Italian sports cars and luxurious Cachemire leather, branded in Louis Vuitton. Thinking when the day will come for you to live such a rich lifestyle. Blinded by our deepest desires, we seek more wants rather than needs. Unmotivated to get up and change for what you truly find as your purpose in life. We train ourselves to believe those dreams of becoming a race car driver or famous musician will never come true. That they are for the little ones, who are just growing up.

You feel useless, noticing that you are a small speck of the billions on this earth and nothing else. Driven by negativity that fools you into being drowned by complete hatred. Blaming everybody for why YOUR life is ruined…

This small, lonely, and cold world exist in many today. Although, this outlook on life can transform within moments. Like a caterpillar evolving to a butterfly, we each live to see another day. Not because we are entitled too, but because deep down inside of a small amount of motivation helps us continue on. That small amount can increase into a much larger amount found in the greatest leaders today.

Life is so much more than just work or having fun all the time. It’s meant to create experiences that make our life journeys interesting. An experience not many get to enjoy for long. Things we take for granted are things we should spend more time on appreciating. Dwelling on a past or current position you are in, will not guide you into finding your greater meaning of life. We each have are own, and for that reason is why we must live to see another day…

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