Beams of light rushing through the surface of the skin, warming up the body as it interferes the eyes, registering that there is yet again another day of life. Wake up to see that the world has not yet complemented the latest ideas, only to think when will people start recognizing you.

Concerned by the thoughts of others and lack of attention received, the mind begins to question whether this seems right or wrong. Looking for an answer to why people don’t seem to care. Judging your persona surrounding work, social life, and other daily interactions. Something feels odd…

On certain encounters with people, it’s hard to connect because they don’t understand the message you’ve tried sending them, correlating to the reason for having this lack of attention. There is an aura you possess not many appear to comprehend. Only one capable of truly following this aura, coming from it’s own creator. People don’t apprehend this intellect, due to lack of communication from being numbed out by the media. Your world is small and has absence of interest from the others. Although, this world is filled with great ideas and opinions, not shared because feared discernment from its outsiders. You judge yourself more than anyone and don’t give people the time to catch on, lacking social skills that explain why there is no attraction.

In order to receive this desired attention, you must face this fear of prejudgment. Once that has been conquered, then this world that was small, suddenly opens up more room for outsiders. The ideas and opinions become easily expressed and it evolves into a beautiful world, beautiful mind, beautiful person, who receives all the attraction they wish.


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