Fear builds up, knowing deep down it hurts. You’ve kept the sensation in for too long and can’t take another second of it. You hide it from the people around, masking your identity for someone that’s not you. At any moment you might end up losing it, from all the frustration you carry. Feeling as if your walking across the endless Sahara desert with a hundred pound bag over your head. You start to question “have I hit rock bottom?”, with so many thoughts on your mind wandering and exploring “what else could go wrong?”

During the darkest moments of our lives, we feel the strongest pains. Each of us experience pain differently, facing these occasions at the most unexpected times. This pain isn’t everlasting, if the person is willing to take control of their life. When we feel this pain, we must not be afraid to let it out. It’s important to let out those emotions, instead of holding them in.

Find a solution that may diffuse the situation, in order to release the sadness. We must each seeking guidance to help cope with our pain. If not, much worse will result from the issue, potentially leading to life changing habits that could slowly destroy you. It’s natural to feel pain, but with the greatest downfalls come the most triumphant comebacks.

If your in pain now, just know it will go away. Starting by the actions you make today!

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