A Life Valued at its Death

It’s ironic how the importance of a life is most valued at death. How a simple being could change the world today, but never be acknowledged till tomorrow. Truth is, people would rather praise the Kardashians, over a man who’d give his life away to make a difference in the lives of others. We don’t understand how serious life is, until the final moment comes to where we unexpectedly realize that its “never lasting”. Time, taken for granted out of pure laziness to be simply thankful, yet its too much work even though others would do it for you. And in awe, we feel the everlasting regret of wishing that we could have one more chance to show our appreciation for that person. We enter reality as it hits us in the gut, making us feel the pain that was created by you and none other for your ignorance. We have poisoned ourselves with these toxic morals. This is a common pattern shared among us beings, from historical figures to close family members, their legacy is passed on as a piece of remembrance.

Question is, why can we not seem to create a person’s legacy while still alive?

The idea of a legacy comes after death, to carry on the image of that person’s significance. But if we could show the same value towards that person while they’re still alive, it would help build a much greater purpose for their work. Which in turn, could create a stronger impact that we as humans could all gain from. Some may argue that a legacy can be present while alive. Although, this thinking isn’t present within everyone and honestly couldn’t be. Because we each have different morals and understandings of valuing a person. This idea could only be shared among the many who see it now, rather than afterwards when unfortunately the life is gone. For example, when Martin Luther King gave the “I have a dream” speech, people didn’t attend it for him, they attended it because they believed that a change was need to be made. After his death was when people came to notice how important of a figure he was. Gladly, we still decide to acknoledge a person’s importance after their death, but my suggestion would be to help bring its presence while the person is alive.

So I ask, to go out into the world and share people’s significance, help others understand the true magnitude of  life. In hopes that we can all value what life offers and spread love to one another.

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