The World Is Yours

If I told you that each of us have the world in the palm of our hands, how would you react? Some maybe frightened and overwhelmed, others may view it as an opportunity for endless power. Although, most would still lack belief of it being true. Many of us fail to find motivation in our own lives to seek what we desire. Almost as if we starve for nothing. The ambition to venture after life’s curiosities, isn’t the common thrill-seeking journey shared by people. The close mindedness of society, has disable people to believe in a general purpose individually for themselves. Sadly enough, the saying “live out your dreams”, is viewed as a joke. Now, if living out your dreams is a joke, then what’s the purpose behind one’s life? It may be true that not everyone paints the perfect picture of “living the dream”, but perfection is not obtainable in our world.

There are successful people who don’t all come from similar backgrounds. Some come from a difficult upbringing, others were born into societal dominance. Neither of these examples guarantee automatic success. Truth is, one must understand the world and learn to master its nature. Also, through mastering its nature, one must learn to master their own nature. In other words, for us to be great in the world, we have to be great for our own good. When a person has acquired thier own understanding of life, then they can deliver a greater meaning to the world around them.

Everything is connected, for that reason is why a start leads to a finish. Don’t waste your potential because of society’s judgment. Take control of you own world and it will reflect into the world of everyone else’s. The world is yours…

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